35 Chocolate Makeup Looks Give You Sweet Feelings

A cup of silky hot chocolate in autumn not only warms the body and enjoys the mood, but also becomes a new cosmetic idea for many cosmetics experts. Recently, on ins, they have been brushed one by one with chocolate makeup. The mellow chocolate color has its own high-level painting style, which can improve the texture of the whole makeup invisibly! The eye shadow should choose a dark brown department with a higher degree of saturation than the earth.

The makeup of the chocolate requires that the eye makeup must be neat and not dirty. Therefore, the technique of upper eye shadow should be repeated in a small number of times. Eyelashes focus on slenderness, which can increase the contour of the eyes. Choose lipsticks suitable for chocolate makeup, such as bean paste, naked, dark red are all suitable for chocolate makeup color! Chocolate color is very dirty, so the bottom makeup must be clear, clean and flawless, in order to highlight the high quality of this makeup. So if you are interested, pleased read on.

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