3 Useful Tips for Decorating Your Small Living Room

The small apartment is different from the big room, but it has to face its defects, such as compact layout, furniture is not too large, and the functional differentiation of the living room and dining room, study and bedroom can not be comprehensive. It can be said that the design of small units is the biggest challenge facing owners and designers. I am specially collected a small number of small-sized apartment decoration. Here we will share with you the small tricks of minimal living room decoration .

  1. furniture furnishings should be small and refined

The small living room is not too large in size, so furniture and accessories should be small and delicate. Generally speaking, the furniture with simple shape, small size, light texture and freely disassembled and assembled is the best. When purchasing and designing furniture, it is necessary to use simple and square type, and coordinate the overall layout and color of the living room so that the furniture can be used independently and can be adjusted with other accessories. If the owner is more casual, you can purchase furniture that can be used as a sofa and a bed, so that you can usually meet the daily leisure and entertainment use. When you visit, you can also take a temporary rest. Jewelry placement should be small and refined, no need to imagine a lot of artworks hanging to the living room, so as not to increase the sense of narrowness of the visual.

2. separated by a small partition

In order to integrate the functional area to save space, the small-sized living room generally has to be used for dining, work and other purposes. The clever use of partitions can improve space utilization. Therefore, in the design of the living room, a continuous partition is particularly important. This kind of partition is generally based on a transparent glass partition and a semi-opened wooden partition. This not only does not have a cut-off line of sight, but also allows the interior to be extended, making the living room look brighter. If you want to have your own private space, then use a sliding door, screen, cloth, removable furniture, etc., to separate a small and exquisite work area.

3. the light curtains create a sense of openness

The choice of living room lamps, curtains, etc., also affects the realization. When purchasing, you should fully consider the size, shape and other factors. The lamps are suitable for small size and simple shape. Luxury crystal lamps and fluorescent lamps are not suitable for small living rooms. For ceiling spotlights and strips, soft warm tones are recommended to create an intimate atmosphere for the auxiliary light source. Curtains are suitable for use with crisp, sleek materials, avoiding the use of long, pleated floor curtains.

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