36 Ways to Make A Clean Closet

Closet, the most common furniture in every home! For girls, it is also essential equipment library. Whether it is the width, thickness or size of the wardrobe, how to separate it? In fact, they are all learned. Share with you the design of several closets. Modern style design caters to the taste of modern young people. It not only has practical and comfortable living experience, but also presents the unique personality and taste of the head of household.

Young people’s clothes are diversified. Generally, the left and right sides are set up as separate storage space for men and women. Underwear, tie and socks can be kept in small special checks, which are not only conducive to the maintenance of clothing, but also more intuitive and convenient to take things from; sweaters can be placed in deep drawers; trousers can be stored in special hangers. The independent wardrobe has good dust-proof and complete storage space. It is suitable for families with more clothes and large storage space. Open hanger, easy to install and disassemble, not occupying space, suitable for all types of households

36 Ways to Make A Clean Closet closet, home design, wardrobe

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