43 French country Design Give You Fresh and Chic

It retains the elegance and luxury of French style, and combines with the scene of modern home life to design. This design will not be restrained by court style, but will be more relaxed and elegant. Even the most minimalist design space should have a sense of hierarchy, but it has been simplified, rather than become monotonous to tedious. In the design, a lot of modern classical furniture and artworks are collocated. Furniture and decoration choices take full account of the integrity of the space.

The color and soft ornaments do not seem redundant at all. They achieve great coordination in function and use, and make the whole space shine brightly. Every space design is in line with the established scene and use needs, without excessive rendering and exaggeration; such a design is really highlighted elegant. White and green in flower art and brown and black in ornaments properly sublimate the sense of order in space to a new height. The dim form and the qualitative change of the divine convergence space have achieved a double aesthetic effect. The dark brown oval dining table creates a formal dining atmosphere that echoes the square ceiling. When the owner pushes open the door, a sense of relaxation and comfort arises spontaneously.

43 French country Design Give You Fresh and Chic home design, French style, interior design, white design

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