16 Simple and Fun DIY Paper Crafts For Kids

  1. Thanksgiving Tree

Place your hand on colored paper and write the name against the cut out of each person’s hand. Cut out the trunk and stick the “palms” on it. The Thanksgiving tree is formed. Is it easy?

2. Paper Bird

After the paper tray in your home is used up, don’t throw it up, you can use it to make a paper bird. Divide the paper tray into two, draw your mouth and stick your eyes. Still missing wings? Don’t worry, this part can also be made with a paper tray, cut into triangles, fixed with a needle, and the wings are smashing, quite cute.

3. Finger Arithmetic

This is amazing. Like the Thanksgiving tree, let the child cut out the hand and then stick the hand on the white paper. The fingers are fixed and dead, so that they can move. Finally, write a math problem under the paper, and learn by adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.

4. The Bunny

First draw or print a pattern and cut it along the edge of the rabbit’s face. Put a small hole in the rabbit’s ear and wear it with a thread, feeling cute! Children will love cute bunny.

5. Paper Windmill

The paper windmill that we used to play when we were young, cut the colored paper into squares, cut them in half, and cut them in the diagonal position. According to the picture, the four small corners are glued together, nailed with a thumbtack, and fixed on a small wooden stick. In the wind, the paper windmill will turn around!

6. Spider Web

After folding the white paper in half, draw a pattern, cut out the shadow part, and open it is a “spider web.” Remember to be lighter, don’t cut it. Then cut a few spiders with black paper and stick them on the spider web.

7. The Giant Panda

Giant pandas are our national treasures, and adults and children like them. First draw the shape of the panda on the paper, and cut out the head, body and limbs. Then stick it together and a cute panda will be “released”!

8. Sponge Letters

As shown in the figure, first draw the letter shape on the paper, then cut the letters against the sponge block. The 26-letter color is colorful, and the children learn while playing, combining English words, and bathing is more interesting.

9. Small Train

A small train that can be used to inspire children’s imagination. This paper-cut train consists of square, round, triangular and other shapes. Cut out these shapes separately with colored paper and stick them against the picture.

10. Dinosaur Hat

If your child likes dinosaurs, you can cut a dinosaur hat. Cut 10 or so triangular columns with green paper and put them together. You can easily play the dinosaur by sticking the headband that fits the head.

11. Small Animals

Draw a small animal shape on the square and cut the pattern along the edge to cut kittens, puppies, bears, and bunny rabbits. Interestingly, these animals will also be “concave” or sit or climb to live.

12. Koala

The koala is a cute thing in Australia. This paper-cut is also very simple. Let the children draw the outline of the koala on the paper, then cut out the head, ears, stomach and limbs, and finally paste it, a life-like koala. Cut it out.

13. Snowflake Puzzle

Prepare scissors and glue and draw a pattern of snowflakes on the paper. Let the child cut the petals and paste them on the snowflake pattern, just like playing a puzzle.

14. Caterpillar

Clipping caterpillars is also very simple. Just cut 7 or so circles, draw the tentacles, eyes and mouth, and you can easily combine them into cute caterpillars.

15. Paper-cut Fish

Prepare card stock, scissors, and glue, cut a few small fish, then fold the blue paper in half, and cut out the whiskers that look like “waves.” After the folds are alternately stretched, the colorful fish are glued to the “waves”, just like the little fish swim in the sea, and the children definitely like it.

16. Small Hedgehog

The small hedgehog is made of paper tray. After folding the paper tray, teach the child to draw the outline of the hedgehog, small eyes and small nose. The back of the hedgehog is cut into pieces, and you can also paint a small hedgehog, stick a small fruit, DIY fun!

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