38 Comfortable and Gorgeous Vacation Wearing Style You Need to See

As soon as summer arrives, many friends who like to go on vacation begin to be foolish. No matter where to play MM is more concerned about dress. If you want to create a lazy and comfortable holiday style, you need to prepare some items in advance.If it is to go to the seaside, broken flower dress is indispensable, not only to show the perfect figure, but also to maintain the sexual casual, very suitable for all kinds of photographs of the seaside, the seascape combined into one line, particularly beautiful. The beach is a very sunny place, in order…

Creative Paper Mosaic Crafts

Nowadays, more and more toys can’t satisfy the nature of children’s play. In order to let the children have more toys and make the family full of infinite joy, below, I will introduce one easy-to-learn DIY craft that you can make with your kids.  With colorful handmade paper to create a unique “mosaic” art, and in this process, it also allows children to experience the enlightenment art of color matching. Cut handmade paper into squares of the same size. You can check below steps to learn how to DIY paper craft.

16 Simple and Fun DIY Paper Crafts For Kids

Thanksgiving Tree Place your hand on colored paper and write the name against the cut out of each person’s hand. Cut out the trunk and stick the “palms” on it. The Thanksgiving tree is formed. Is it easy? 2. Paper Bird After the paper tray in your home is used up, don’t throw it up, you can use it to make a paper bird. Divide the paper tray into two, draw your mouth and stick your eyes. Still missing wings? Don’t worry, this part can also be made with a paper tray, cut into triangles, fixed with a needle, and the wings are smashing,…

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